Bugfarm New Zealand (formally known as RaysBugFarm) is a family run commercial insectary based in the Far North of New Zealand that cater to those who require high quality live food for their beloved pets and animals.

We keep our production methods as straightforward and holistic as possible to ensure the insects we produce are as natural and nutritious as can be. We have been operational and raising insects now for over 15 years, so you can feel comfortable knowing that we’ve perfected the process of creating nourishing, healthy, nutrient dense live food.

Sustainability is a priority for us and we seek to continue to have a minimal waste system. In addition to harvesting the Mealworms, we harvest their waste (Known as Mealworms Frass) for use as a soil conditioner and are finding uses for the beetles once they are pasts their production peak. 

Bugfarm New Zealand utilises local businesses to help support our region whenever possible, while also focusing on our goal to provide New Zealanders with a top-quality product.

We have been supplying individuals, organisations, zoos, parks and pet shops for many years and have a reliable, on-going supply of live insects to suit whatever requirements that you may have.

Contact us directly to discuss customised orders or any special requirements you may have, or for wholesale and pet shop pricing.